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Friday, June 28, 2024

RIP Glorfindel

 My sweet Glorfindel passed away on Monday.  I could tell his age was catching up to him this past month as he was sleeping more and not being as active.  I got Glorfindel in October 2022.  I adopted him from The Pipsqueakery which is a rescue and sanctuary for small animals located in Bloomington.  He came from a large hamster intake (I believe it was about 100 hamsters) from a pet store that accidentally bred hamsters and quickly got in over their heads.  So they surrendered the hamsters to The Pipsqueakery and the large intake was suitably named the "Panic at the Pet Store" hamsters.  You may remember that Olórin, who passed away earlier this year, was likely also from this same group of hamsters, but I only had him for about a 1/3 of his life as he was already about a year old when I adopted him.  

Anyways, what's pretty awesome is that The Pipsqueakery neutered all the boys, and I believe they spayed the females, although since many were pregnant or nursing babies, I think they had to wait a bit.  I will admit that I had hoped that since Glorfindel was neutered, that he would outlive the average lifespan and make it well past 2 years old.  But he was about 1 year and 9 months old, which sadly is still considered elderly for hamsters.  

I remember when I first saw Glorfindel, he was in a bin with like 10 other identical looking little boys.  They were all just these small, little puffballs running around which initially felt so overwhelming to me to try to pick the perfect one from the bunch.  It took me a bit, but eventually I noticed this one which seemed a bit more calm than the others, so I chose him.  I absolutely loved watching Glorfindel grow up.  He was always such a sweet boy and so good at modeling for me.  I wish I had done Halloween costumes with him, but I did dress him up for some other occasions.  I miss this guy, but glad I could love and spoil him for so much of his life.  ❤

You can learn more and donate to The Pipsqueakery by going to https://www.thepipsqueakery.org/.

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Chilling in the Chair

We have been working hard at our house to get lots and lots of projects done - some big, some small, some hired, and some we did ourselves.  I would say we are nearly finished with everything, but one thing I've learned about home ownership is that there are always projects to do.  That said, we are close to finishing up with the things we intend to get done right now, so I'm hoping the rest of summer break can be a bit more relaxing as we enjoy the fruits of our labor.  😊

Glorfindel is getting quite old now.  He's definitely slowing down, but still loving life.  I'm enjoying spoiling him more and more.  💙

I think Míriel is calming down a bit.  She's fully adjusted to her life here and seems to be understanding the routines.  She still gets very excited when the lid of the tank is open and immediately tries to reach for the sides to pull herself up and out.  She's very determined and surprisingly strong at lifting herself up.  I have to pick her off of the lip of the tank and set her back down in it about 50 times every time I clean out her home.  She's a stinker but I love her.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Cat Carrier

The weeks seem to be flying by.  Joe and I are in the midst of house updates.  We've put some big projects off for a couple of years to give us more time to make decisions on what we wanted to do and to save up money to cover the costs.  Now we finally have these projects scheduled, so we've been doing some other smaller upgrades in the meantime while we wait for the hired work to be done.  We also are starting to get some quotes for future projects to have an idea of how much we need to save for those.  It's been a bit hectic because it is just so much work and things not going quite according to plan, but I really love our house so much and am so grateful we can get this work done!  I can't wait for these projects to be done so we can actually enjoy our hard work!

I had the cat carriers out a couple months ago in preparation for taking the kitties to the vet, and I thought the hamsters could explore this one.  Glorfindel is just the sweetest little guy.  He does seem to be acting more his age which is about 1 year and 8 months old.  It makes me sad that he's getting old.  His fur is a bit lighter now than it was when these pictures were taken which definitely makes me realize he's aging.  

Míriel is utterly insane.  Haha!  I love her but she has such a big personality and is always looking to escape.  She still tries to defend her home when I'm cleaning (in other words, she tries to grab my fingers to bite them 😅), but now that she has discovered she can climb out when I am cleaning since the top is open, she gets distracted trying to do that over and over again.  

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Spring Break!

Spring Break was a lot of ups and downs for us with Joe spending so much time at church working.  But the network project is done now which is a huge!  I had time while waiting for Joe at church in which I completed this pretty embroidery piece I got from https://little-dear.com/.  I also snagged a couple Thai Constellations from Kroger for me and my friend.  And of course the best part was meeting up with some of my family and our friends in Rockford, OH at New Horizons Community Church to get 3 1/2 minutes of totality during the Solar Eclipse.   All in all, not too bad for Spring Break. 😊

Glorfindel is so stinking sweet, and I love taking pictures of him.  He's such a happy old ham.  💓

Míriel is getting a bit calmer, but is still pretty crazy.  I don't fully trust her yet to not bite my fingers when I'm holding her, so I don't hold her too long and mostly use a cuddle sack to transport her and carry her around.  She getting more and more accepting of pets and doesn't run away from me when she sees or hears me.  I think she'll turn into a sweetheart soon enough.  Especially when treats are offered.  Haha!

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Palm with Gemstones

It's spring break and I'm loving being home with Joe!  So far though he has spent most of his time doing IT/tech work for our church (specifically working on the network).  Unfortunately things have not gone well which has been frustrating to him.  We are going in today to wrap up a few other projects that haven't been finished yet and for him to try a doing the network stuff a different way that he thinks will work and not take too long to set up.  I'm really hoping he is right so he can finally be done with all that!  Hopefully the rest of spring break can be fun and relaxing for him.

Glorfindel is often up multiple times per day to grab a drink and putter around looking for a snack before he heads back to his burrow.  I love seeing him so much, but I can tell he's getting older.  I often pick him up for a quick kiss on his head before I let him go back to bed.

I mentioned in the introduction post for my new ham, Míriel, that she is crazy.  I think she can best be described as a guard dog.  Whenever she hears a disturbance near her home, she comes right out to investigate.  She often stands up like she's ready to throw punches.  If you reach your hand in towards her, she'll go right for you, ready to bite if she thinks you are a threat.  Thankfully I've been careful and while she's gotten her teeth on my fingers before, she's never drawn blood.  And she is getting more and more comfortable with me so I decided to just go for it and do some posed pictures with her outside of her aquarium.  I took these pictures last week, and for her first time out of her aquarium, Míriel did great!